How to update your eFundi email address

eFundi uses your e-mail address to notify you or urgent messages from your lecturers and it allows you to submit your assignments to TurnItIn. It is extremely important that we have the right e-mail address for you.

Follow the steps below to update your e-mail address:

1.On the eFundi Landing page (BEFORE you click on the login link) select the following button in the menu on the left:

Change / update Contact info: (eMail, Cellphone number)

2. A new window will appear. Sign in using your student number and
NWU password (the same you use to sign in to eFundi)

3. Check that your contact information is correct. If needed, change/update any of the information and then click the “Submit” button.

It can take up to 48 hours for the change to take effect.