God Loves Homosexuals Too And If He Doesn’t, His Existence Is empty Like A Trash Can In The Most Dirtiest Place

Our very core humanity is based on religion-the kind of religion that shuts your common sense out while leaving you to a supreme being that has given us free will do whatever we choose to do but yet again the supreme being has made it clear that even the most unreasonable sinner is still loved by him- That’s a just God, the kind that gives full redemption to whoever wants to be in his kingdom.

My country Ghana is full of educated religious minds who feed on the droppings of the devil while thinking it’s manna sent from heaven.

The topic of homosexuality in Ghana is seen as the most sinful of all sins yet my very same citizens from the highest point of power to the lowest point of power are in bed with the same ones they see as devils, I mean the countries they see as unholy and never will occupy the kingdom of God.

Even the most educated man, woman or animal in my country has his or her mind on sex when the word homosexuals are mentioned-yes! My country is that dumb , dumb to the point that sex is the only thing that keep lingering in their minds even when they are in church worshipping God.Dumb to the extent that it’s assumed lesbians have their sexual satisfactions anally -Dumb to the point that  my country can’t stand the benevolence of what ever is happening in closed doors between two gay partners

But how do you blame a country that has gone through mental slavery for so many years-the kind of mental slavery that makes them believe that whoever their grandfather worshiped was a false God, a country that thinks homosexuality actually is from the west. A country that is spending millions to build a cathedral just to worship God.

If God is so interested in what we build in his name, it will be the building we are building in our hearts about him not material stuff- Ge already had a mansion in heaven.

Bible ? The west, guns ? the west , alcohol?  the west ,homosexuality ? the west – the west are the ones giving  the bad stuff yet they are the ones that appear godly even in the eyes of the devil.

Now let’s break through the barricades of being polite and see how fucked up our minds really are to things that do not actually matter- will the economy of Ghana change if the bill is approved? Will two homosexuals banging each other in closed door have a direct affect on you ? The most belittled mind of all minds will say yes to these questions and  his reason is , my kids might end up copying them !! You dumb fuck!! You little prick of a mind !! Kidnappers, thieves suicide bombers are all around for your kids to copy but do they or you wouldn’t know ?

What , who your child chooses to be is determined by him regardless of how much training, advise, and whatever method you take him through to not be whatever thing you don’t want him to be.

You think hitler  was born hitler  or you don’t know ? Fucking pricks !!

A question of why are you a homosexual might never get an answer because it’s the same question as why are you straight, why are you bisexual ?

Feelings are just what they are, just feelings !!

For crying out loud, all humans regardless of where they belong have rights just like the “perfect” human has rights.

They disgust you ? Move along then. Their existence bother you ? If it does then you are the problem not two people of the same sex falling for each other.

In imperfection shall we find our perfect path to God!!

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