The Greatest love shown has never been from Christ But From Gays

We have always considered the greatest love to have come from mankind was when God gave his only begotten son as a sacrifice to cleanse the world of it’s sinful acts but a second look at this clearly tells you this isn’t the

greatest love from mankind after all God is a supreme being and can have thousands of sons in the same likeness of Jesus.

It’s a Sunday morning, usually the quiet mornings where you can enjoy the beautiful melodies of birds on the roof of your house without the interference of church drums and noise amidst clapping of hands – All thanks corona virus .

Anyway as I sat going through my messages on WhatsApp I noticed a particular word In a group-a word that most people frown on. A word that is considered as sinful and the greatest of all crime but can a three letter word be that scary and sends chills down people’s spine’s?

The greatest love I have seen a human share with a human is those tagged as GAY .

To beat the natural system of a man loving a woman is the greatest love . It takes much spiritual and physical involvement for a man to fall in love with another man or a woman to fall in love with another woman – A thing people cannot come to terms with ,a thing people consider as an abomination yet a certain part of people has managed to to overlook the fears and follow their heart desires of love .

Most people are stoned to death in most countries because of this yet people are willing to die for it – Is this just sexual desires or an uncontrollable love residing in a certain group of people ?

If this isn’t a disease or some kind of dysfunction in the human system then the greatest love has never been that of the death of Christ but by those of same sex order professing love for each other !

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