What You Should Be Doing On 31st Instead Of Wasting Your Time In Church

As the year comes to an end, we start to recollect the happy moments, the sad moments, the mistakes and bad decisions one has made but does it make sense to be in the church shouting to God till daybreak?

As this day comes to an end even God would want you to be with your family, friends and loved ones instead of showing him love when it could be done on any other day.

There is nowhere in the bible that states that on the 31st of December we should be in church or somewhere praying till daybreak.

Even the white man that brought Christianity to us has a different way of acknowledging the end of the year but as it states”everyone and the choices they make ” but some choices are clearly insane.

Now to what you should be doing on 31st night

The right way to spend this 31st night is to stay home with your family, have a good conversation about the opportunities you missed. about how you wronged each and ask for forgiveness if the need be, do this and God will appreciate your efforts as compared to the one spending the night at the church.

As a friend, see another friend and talk about business, things that will financially uplift your financial standing, being at church on this day is just a waste of time and sleep.

It’s a pity we have drenched our whole body and soul into church matters that sometimes we just can’t wrap our heads around common sense.

This is a piece of genuine advice where you can show love to your family or friends or just being reasonable but you have the choice to do whatever you want with your 31st night. It’s a free world

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